The New Adventure 1 Electric UTV Brings Off-Roading Grit to #Vanlife – Robb Report

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The New Adventure 1 Electric UTV Brings Off-Roading Grit to #Vanlife   – Robb Report

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If we’re lucky, Potential Motors will change the way UTVs look going forward.

The Canadian startup recently started taking reservations for its first model, the Adventure 1, through its website. The limited-run vehicle pairs what sounds like top-notch off-roading capabilities with one of the more striking designs we can remember.  Related Stories Artist Daniel Arsham’s Bonkers Eroded Cars Are Going on View at LA’s Petersen Museum This Month This Stunning 1955 Alfa Romeo GT Coupé Could Fetch up to $2 Million at Auction Next Month Italy’s Age-Old Gozzo Fishing Boat Is Getting a Second Life. Here Are 3 Boatmakers Reimagining the Design for Today.

It’s impossible to talk about the Adventure 1 without mentioning how cool it looks. Unlike most of its UTV peers, it’s got real style—although it should be noted that Potential Motors calls it an ORV, or off-road recreational vehicle. Semantics aside, the compact vehicle has its cockpit pushed all the way to the front, almost like an old-school box truck. In lesser hands, this could have given it a cartoonish air, but here it works.

The Adventure 1 is also clearly a bruiser, despite being relatively small (it’s only 5.3 feet wide and has a wheelbase of 8.75 feet). That’s thanks in no small part to the off-roading gear the ride comes outfitted with—like skid plates, wheel flares and a winch—that makes it clear it’s ready for fun.

The vehicle’s clean, minimalist interior is just as likely to turn heads. Most UTVs leave you exposed to the elements, but not the Adventure 1. Instead, it has a security glass-enclosed cabin that basically turns it into a mini adventure van. It comes equipped with four seats; the rear row can be removed if you and your travel partner want to spend a night away from your home base. The back also opens to reveal a pull-out kitchenette with a sink.

This beast is about more than looks, though; it has a dual-motor powertrain that splits 604 hp and 737 ft lbs of torque between four wheels. It’s unclear how big the battery pack is, but the brand says you can travel 100 miles between charges. The vehicle also has an independent suspension and air-tight construction, so you’ll be able to traverse all matter of terrain, even water-logged areas. One downside is that since this is a UTV for all intents and purposes, it’s probably not highway-legal where you live. Luckily, it tips the scale at around 4,000 pounds so towing it shouldn’t be hard if you have a full-size RV, SUV or truck.

In the market for a stylish UTV? You can pre-order the Adventure 1 now directly from Potential Motors. The vehicle will cost $136,600 and can be reserved today for a refundable $1,000 fee.

Click here for more photos of the Potential Motors Adventure 1.

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The New Adventure 1 Electric UTV Brings Off-Roading Grit to #Vanlife   – Robb Report

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